One Season Doesn’t Fit All-

You are unique and your color palette should be too. Most Color Analysts have systems of 4 generic categories. I use 24 master fans (6 fans in each season), but that’s only where it starts.

I See All of You!

The radiances, textures, patterns, and metallics of your personalized fan will be selected based solely upon the coloring of your hair, eye, skin, bone structure, and personality tendencies. In our interview process, I will also consider your goals and who your “audience is.”

IMG_7400The Beauty of Your Custom Fan:

You’ll received between 80-100 easy to use fabric samples chosen from over 10,000 possibilities and from a color lab with a legacy over 40 years. Your custom fan is organized by type of garment, best use, including; day, night, special occasion, credibility, dramatic, friendly, and romantic; make-up, hair and home.

The beauty of having fabric samples that are in harmony with your uniqueness, make using the fan extremely supportive and accurate. Your comprehensive fan includes real fabrics with your textures, unique prints, and sample metallics.

Having your own custom fan is not only a beautiful reflection of who you are, it makes shopping and going to your closet easier than ever!

How Your Inside/Outside Relate!

You’ll also receive a 12-page in-depth booklet chocked full of glossy color photos and information:IMG_3956

  • Learn the psychology of how your physical appearance relates to how you move through the world.
  • Discover and embrace your true power and gifts you brought into this lifetime.
  • Learn how to turn the ways you’ve been made wrong most of your life into your best assets.
  • Words that uniquely describe you.
  • Shapes and styles that work best in your necklines, lapels, shoe throat-heel-toe, jewelry, and accessories.
  • Color photographs that not only depict “your style”, but comparison photos on what “your style is not”.
  • High quality full page print “Classic Color Fan” related for your most Prominent Season.


Bellonda at training program with Olga
Bellonda at training program with Olga

You Have my Word…

I’m committed to you being seen for the best of who you came into be. I love being part of the discovery of exactly who that is.  One of my favorite things is to witness that “magic moment” of excitement as you realize your eye is becoming color-trained and you see yourself in an exciting new light!

So, let’s go have some FUN!

Bellonda Bixby