Raku Sufi Goddess


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Raku Sufi Goddess
Raku Sufi Goddess: created by Friend and accomplished artist in her own right, “Lily the Potter”

“The World is but a Dance”
How lovely and gentle this goddess face is. . . and yet the power and strength that emanates from her is potent. She makes me want to dance, my faced turned toward the warmth of the sun in appreciation of being alive. 

The necklace surrounding her has multiple facets of interest and although not symmetrical, very beautifully balanced. A reminder of what life is, as well as what it could be.

The silver is fair trade, meaning that others lives are taken into consideration in the creative process of compulating this magical piece.

The orbital shapes in the stones of Ocean jasper are believed to resonate with circular breathing. The magic to me is in the beauty. I can’t take my eyes of the phenomenon of so much color in one stone – naturally.



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